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Lead Nurturing 101: Start Where They Started August 15, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Content Marketing, Lead Nurturing.

Starting Line

Interesting question came up while I was working at a company. They wanted to re-structure the lead nurturing programs but could only do so much based on the resources and the limitations of the software. The choice was between nurturing prospects with content that was relevant to what they originally download OR nurturing prospects with content based on who they were and what type of company they worked for.

When it comes to lead nurturing, do you want to nurture based on what the prospect downloaded or based on who the prospect is?

I see positives and negatives for both sides but if I had to choose, I would nurture based on their original query and here is why.

Start Where They Started

Seems pretty elementary right? But lead nurturing is extremely important when it comes to justifying to a prospect why they should spend time with you and/or why your product is relevant to them based on their initial interest. It’s especially crucial if they do not know you, your brand or your solutions. I am going to use an example to illustrate my point further.

I am on Twitter and I see a tweet from one of the people I follow stating ‘Free Ebook on Facebook Marketing and ROI Tips’. Click! I complete the registration get the ebook and I am now a lead in their system. Now that company knows I am a Marketing Manager, that I work at a company in the United States that has less than 100 employees and that I am in the software industry. What they also know or can assume based on my actions is that I am interested in learning more about Facebook Marketing and ROI in social media.

If this company were to approach nurturing based on the form I completed, I may get some information on the software industry or even content that is geared towards marketing managers and I may or may not get anything related to Facebook marketing. Are they helping me?

On the other hand, if the company were to send me a case study on a client that used their solutions for Facebook Marketing, or an invite to an upcoming webinar about how to calculate the ROI of social media, then I would be more engaged. They are helping me.

Stay With Them and Follow Their Path

Continuing with the same example, we know I was challenged with Facebook marketing when I first ‘met’ the company, but I may have solved my problem. Your nurturing program needs to follow me and look for behavior that indicates the subject matter is no longer relevant. .

What that means is that if I stop responding to and clicking on Facebook marketing and social media ROI content, then the approach needs to be modified and I should be derailed to another workflow. Keep derailing me [the lead] until something (as in me) clicks and then persist down that path.

You will get a sense for the interest level of the prospect. A successful lead nurturing program encompasses thoughtful content and also promotional content – you are trying to turn the lead into a paying customer after all, right? So consider sending emails with a case study, add a link to a demo video and then have the system schedule a call for your sales rep if the person clicks to watch it.

Like most things in life, first impressions count so really consider the auto-response email message and what happens after the fact. Nurturing leads based on the personagraphics of the individual is a good strategy but really tailoring and delivering content that is relevant to the individual’s pain is a great one.

How do you approach lead nurturing? Do you tailor content to the person’s profile or their interests?



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