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WHERE is Where I am September 12, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Marketing.

As many of you know, I spent my summer of 2011 diligently looking for a new job and just recently I found one. I had the greatest fortune of choosing from 3 different offers and after working in my new position for two weeks now, I feel I made a really great decision.

So without further ado for those of you who don’t already know… Here it is! The official announcement! Drumroll…tatatatatatata…I am the new Merchant Services Marketing Manager for WHERE.

When I accepted the position and told my friends, the conversations (mostly held via text chat I am sorry to admit) looked something like this:

Me – I accepted a job!

Them – Congrats! Where?

Me – Yup. Im so excited!

Them – But where?

Me – Yes Where!

Them – Where are you going to be working?

Me – Where

[I will stop here for your own sanity but this did go on for awhile with a few people in my circle]

It all started to remind me of that game ‘who’s on first’ after awhile. My friends and family finally got it and jokingly said they had guessed from the start. Ya – sort of 😉

New Beginnings

So once I have counted all the paperclips in my drawer and completed hours upon hours of application training, I will officially start my new venture with WHERE. I am overly thrilled to share that not only does this position afford me the opportunity to learn a new market (SMBs), I will be responsible for building an entire program for lead generation and nurturing.

There were a few reasons why I accepted this position and not the other two.

  1. The company is in the mobile advertising space for SMBs which is just very cool
  2. I have the unique opportunity to pave my path meaning the position is brand spanking new
  3. The team I am working with is AWESOME! From product management to sales to account management to my own boss, I am thrilled to work and be mentored by some great minds
  4. The company is in the North End of Boston and if you have been here, you will know just how lucky I am
  5. The company is part of the eBay/PayPal family so it is honestly the largest ‘start-up’ I have ever been a part of

There Will Always Be Time for Cocktails!

 So what happens here? Good question. I started this blog – finally – because I lost my job and it was really my jumping off point; my way of staying in the game without getting a paycheck for it. But I don’t want to stop. I have committed to two posts per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and will continue to do so. I may venture to comment on lead generation and nurturing when it comes to marketing to SMBs and hope you don’t mind (I feel that with a little tweaking, many of the same principles apply).

So that’s it. I am at WHERE and you can check out the site www.where.com, download the app (very cool!) or stop by and say hi (we are on Northern Ave in Boston).

Thanks all for being here and supporting me over the last couple of months. This blog and the community have really kept me going. It’s tiresome at times and when companies don’t respond or you receive the response you didn’t want to get, it’s hard to get back up and keep going at it. But I encourage each of you who are either unhappy in your current position or collecting checks from the government to persevere and don’t back down or give up.

If you missed it, take a look at my conversion rate for job hunting post. Its pretty interesting to see how the numbers added up.



1. marashorr - September 12, 2011

Christina- Love it 🙂 I even used WHERE to find the closet SunTrust bank branch today. (I’d downloaded it nearly a year ago, but forgot about it altogether until I read your blog today!) Can’t wait to keep reading. And maybe there’s a guest post on my blog in the future? Good luck, and show those paperclips who’s boss!!

christinapappas - September 13, 2011

Thank you so much! Im glad you were able to find your bank – I should this example in my lead gen materials. 🙂 Would love to do a guest post for you – anytime!

2. Ari Herzog - September 18, 2011

Excellent, Christina. We should get together in person one of these days (have we met yet?) so you can sell me why Where is better than Yelp.

christinapappas - September 18, 2011

Definately! I wont sell you on why Where is better than Yelp but I can certainly share what differentiates us (but not here as I make it a point not to plug products 😉 ).

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