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Is Blogging Going the Way of the Buffalo? October 13, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Blogging.

I’m going to do something unusual today but it’s something I always wanted to do; talk about my dreams. And not the kind of dreams as in ‘when I grow up I am going to live in a house by the sea and be the vice president of marketing at a successful company’ but the ‘I just woke up and what the hell was that dream all about’ kind.

If you know me in my personal life or have ever worked with me in an office, you know I dream A LOT. I know we all dream, but I remember at least 3 dreams everyday from the night before. And yes I dream about work (although I am told this is not a good thing) and I dream about my pets and my family and out of character who knows how my mind comes up with this stuff things. But last night I had this dream about the end of blogging. Here is how it went (and sorry it’s so short but that’s how dreams are sometimes):

In my dream, this gadget (looks like a Bluetooth) came from the sky and landed in my ear. The piece that is touching my ear was pumping content into my head. The ‘voice’ was telling me to let everyone know to stop blogging, that it had run its course, the fun, excitement and popularity of it was over. I was in a crowd, so I got up on a soapbox and started to speak out to people about these ideas. Everyone looked concerned and wary of me and these ideas. <the end>

Over the last few weeks, I have questioned whether or not I could keep up with this blog now that I am working full-time. Starting a blog was something I always wanted to do but how much of the ‘wanting’ was really fueled by passion? Then, Mack Collier asked, ‘what happens when you lose your love of blogging’? Before I even read the post, I was crushed. Mack Collier, founder of #BlogChat, losing his love of blogging? What?!?

Now Mack wasn’t coming out and saying that he didn’t like blogging or believe in it any longer but he felt that he was doing something just to do it. To cross it off the list. Upload new blog post to site. Check. Done. He wants the blog to mean more than that. He wants it to be a communication vehicle when he has something to say, not a communication vehicle pumped full of content for the sake of an expectant community.

So why blog?

I can tell you why I blog. It’s very simple really. You ready? I LOVE to write! I love it. I have always loved it. In fact, during the summer when I was home from college, I begged my parents to enroll me in writing courses at the local college. I spent my summers in classrooms learning how to write – for fun!

When I discovered blogging, I was ecstatic. I could write for work? This is a job? Seriously? I fell in love and haven’t lost it. It’s tough for me to come up with topics sometimes and it’s especially tough for me to sit down and write when I am sick or in pain (did you hear about the bone extraction in my mouth? Ouch!) but I do it.

Now while I only post 2 times per week so far (on this blog anyways), I have questioned whether to bump that up to 3 or 4 with the intent that I would reach an everyday posting schedule. Now Mack has me questioning that because I never want to commit to something that will ultimately be a letdown. That’s not why I am here and that’s not why I blog. Building a community is one thing, but it’s not the only thing. Like Marcus Sheridan said recently ‘eventually you have to do something’ and I intend to do it.

You know what? Relationships take work. Love takes commitment. And it’s hard to ‘do something’ every day or every other day, especially when you have nothing to say, right? Will blogging go the way of the buffalo? Will we always have something to write about? Something our community wants to read? Something more we could be doing beyond our blog?

The answer is up to you.



1. Mack Collier - October 13, 2011

Hey Christina! Thanks for the mention, you know what, I’ve been looking at my blog recently and there’s really not a community there. I’ve never really taken the time to cultivate one, I have always tweeted a link to my newest post, and I’ve gotten a lot of comments and activity, but it was mostly coming from my Twitter network.

So I’m going to re-assess how I blog from this point forward, to better cultivate a community on my blog. I think if I see a lot of engagement around the content I create, then that makes me feel better about blogging, because I think we all want to create content that’s valuable for others.

Always a ray to read your blog, thank ya darlin’!

christinapappas - October 13, 2011

Hi Mack,

Thanks for stopping by! I love reading your stuff and would surely miss it! There are lots of reasons why I want to blog everyday but I got some great advice that suggested I shouldn’t. With the time I would be spending creating content, I should be out there building my community. It’s surprising to me that someone such as yourself would say you have not cultivated a community and all activity comes from Twitter. That’s something! Because a #blogchat topic for a Sunday night???


Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion - October 13, 2011

Very cool goal Mack. Hope you find exactly what you’re looking for man!


2. marashorr - October 13, 2011

I understand your time constraints completely, Christina! I’m struggling to keep up as well, and know that doesn’t make for a healthy blog. Let me know if we need to start motivating each other to find the time. I’m happy to do it! (And, you aren’t coming to Orlando for the PRSA conference this coming week, are you?!?)

christinapappas - October 13, 2011

Hi Mara,

Your suffering from time constraints too? Im not alone! Yay! I have tried so very hard to maintain my schedule of 2 times per week. This week I slipped by posting on Tues & Thurs instead of Mon & Wed but hope everyone doesnt mind too too much 🙂 It takes a lot of work especially since I am not technically getting paid for it and I need to do it on my own time.

Am open to motivation suggestions/challenges anytime! And no, I will sadly not be in Orlando.


3. Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion - October 13, 2011

Now that was some dream Christina!! 🙂

The fact that you blog twice a week is plenty in my opinion. Don’t ever do more just for the sake of doing more, at least that’s how I feel. I’ve seen bloggers die that way. And some die fast.

It’s about ‘allowance’. Allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself enough time to write. Allow yourself to enjoy the journey. And allow yourself to turn it off when you’re read to dream about other things. 😉

Keep being awesome lady,


christinapappas - October 14, 2011

Thanks as always Marcus! If you thought that was some dream, I got plenty of others! Wild stuff!

I think 2 times per week is plenty for me right now too I just ‘feel’ like I should be doing more because so many other people are. But, we just launched our company blog this week and I am writing there too of course so I will be able to branch out again and cover more topics.

Exciting times always lie ahead…just gotta keep my eyes open for them.


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