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‘Being Contagious’ As a Good Thing October 24, 2011

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It was clear from the title of the book that Dan Zarrella is not a fan of the term ‘viral marketing’ but the further I got into “Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness”, I was less convinced. I don’t think it’s the term itself but what is implied by it.

For example, it’s a joke amongst marketers (right?) to be in a room with senior executives and hear one of them say ‘why don’t we make something go viral?’ What does that mean anyways?

As a whole, we know it means that the content is spreadable; people want to pass it along because they either



Influencing the Influencer September 26, 2011

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I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was asking me about my experience selling into the IT department. Now I have never ‘sold’ into any department (if we take that whole 2 week stint of door to door selling out of the picture), but I did generate leads from that group and also supported a sales team who was actively talking to them and essentially selling to them. The thing about my friend though is that his solution does not help the IT organization but because it’s a technology, they are involved. So we got into a conversation about the user, the influencer and the decision maker. How you market and ‘sell’ to each of these without one interfering with the next.

In this case, my friend’s audience is optometry offices and the ‘users’ are primarily the opticians themselves or the office support staff – not IT. However, because it’s a technology, will live on the offices systems and has the potential to house patient data, IT is involved. They are the influencer.


Don’t Niche Your Audiences Options September 19, 2011

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I get extremely frustrated every time I find or land on a blog that I want to subscribe to and don’t see an option to sign-up via email. Personally, I have tried RSS and unless I set a daily reminder to check it, I don’t so email works for me. I can read blogs via email on my iPhone, I can flag the ones I want to read or respond to and come back later and I can sort everything by blog. I know I can do all this on RSS although I am not sure about the flagging one, but I don’t like it.

After asking a few bloggers why I cannot subscribe via email, their response was that the option was there and I probably didn’t see it. Guess what?


Minding Your PSA September 7, 2011

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Point Story Application

A common question I see asked over and over in the LinkedIn groups I participate is ‘I am going to start a blog and I am not really sure how to start. Help.’ I totally applaud these professionals who see that there is value in building blog content while at the same time questioning their intentions. What I mean is that many of us say we want to start a blog because we see other people doing it or hear about other people doing it. Just the other day I was speaking to my neighbor and she asked ‘what exactly do you do anyways’ to which I replied ‘I am a marketer who focuses on inbound marketing to drive traffic by creating content which includes writing for the corporate blog.’ Her response? ‘You blog? That’s so cool.’

In one discussion, I came across this response from Tess Robinson who shared:


Lead Nurturing 101: Start Where They Started August 15, 2011

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Starting Line

Interesting question came up while I was working at a company. They wanted to re-structure the lead nurturing programs but could only do so much based on the resources and the limitations of the software. The choice was between nurturing prospects with content that was relevant to what they originally download OR nurturing prospects with content based on who they were and what type of company they worked for.

When it comes to lead nurturing, do you want to nurture based on what the prospect downloaded or based on who the prospect is?

I see positives and negatives for both sides but if I had to choose, I would nurture based on their original query and here is why.


5 Things That Can Go Wrong During a Webinar – and What To Do August 8, 2011

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Now I don’t want to go all sounding like the grim reaper but there is something I didn’t mention in my post Webinars: How to Execute Them and Drown Your Sales Team in Leads and that is that things can and will go wrong.

Last week I shared a few laughs with Lisa Gerber @SpinSucks about webinars. During the conversation, we discovered that we had some things in common including the fact that we both run webinar programs (she for Spin Sucks PRO and me for my last company) and we can also both tell you that things will go wrong. Power outages happen, speaker’s don’t show up, phones cut out and schedules are mixed up.

So in the post, I just want to prepare you for the worst so you can start envisioning these scenarios happening to you (sorry but you gotta do it to be effective) so you can build the best contingency plan ever.


Sales Prospects to Job Prospects: A Transition in Lead Generation July 27, 2011

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job search

My true passion is lead generation. I love the thrill of overloading sales with leads and watching the pipeline go up as a result of my efforts. It’s thrilling to say the least and it allows me, as a marketer, to exercise all my passions into a common goal.

Now that I am not doing lead generation in its traditional marketing sense (as in generating leads for a sales force team to call upon) and have now transitioned to lead generation for my own selfish purposes (job search), I am finding that the rules are very much the same. In fact, I feel like I have an unfair advantage to some of the job seekers out there because of my marketing background.


Content and the Five Senses of Consumption and Learning July 25, 2011

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Ever notice how we have eyes, ears, noses, mouths and hands? Better known as the 5 senses. The reason we have these ‘options’ is so that we can digest things in alternative formats. Some things we prefer to eat, others we prefer to smell, and others we prefer to just look at.

It’s important to pay attention to the types of consumption and consumption preferences when we consider the types of content we produce and publish. Our audience is made up of people that prefer to listen, while others prefer to read and still others prefer to do. Appealing to the masses is not as easy when your audience knows they have options. If they want to read good writing and you are running an online TV show, then they will find good writing elsewhere and leave.


Why Your Content Strategy is So Important to Public Relations July 19, 2011

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Over the last few years, the overlap between marketing and PR has become almost translucent. PR agencies are now running social media campaigns for their clients, writing blog posts, coordinating research studies and designing infographics. Heck, the last PR agency I worked with even had a photographer on staff that took all the headshots of our executive team. Why the change from clip books, media mentions and TV interviews to content and social media?

I hadn’t considered up until a few years ago how important content was to a company’s PR strategy. I mean, I knew that content helped support thought-leadership and gave the company a tool agnostic voice in the industry, but helping PR to get media placement and establish relationships with media contacts and bloggers? Not so much.


Webinars: How to Execute Them and Drown Your Sales Team in Leads July 13, 2011

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Webinars are a great source of leads for many organizations and I feel they should definitely be a part of your content marketing strategy. But marketers and organizations often ask how do I do a webinar? What’s involved? What’s the best way to get the most registrations?

I have run webinars at a few companies whom I have worked for and I have to tell you, sales dreaded it. And not because they were horrible events, but because they knew that the lull in leads in their inbox was equivalent to the ‘calm before the storm’. Yes, I drowned them in leads every time and I loved hearing the complaints revert from ‘there aren’t any leads’ to ‘whoa, slow down, too many leads.’ LOL! Even Ann Handley who was a guest speaker together with C.C. Chapman gave me a ‘wow’ for collecting almost 1400 registrations for the webinar. I am certainly no HubSpot, but I will tell you how I did it so you can do the same.


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