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Complaints, the Other Low Hanging Fruit October 10, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Consumer Marketing, Lead Generation.

I was reading over at the MarketingProfs site on how Twitter Users Wants Brands to Respond to Their Complaints and couldn’t help but think ‘hell ya we do.’ As Ann Handley mentioned in a response tweet to me, “Absolutely! Seems like a low-hanging fruit kind of thing. (to me) Complain or praise – it goes both ways.”

I have used Twitter in a number of ways, and yes of course, I have used it to vent and ask for alternatives. There have only been two outcomes to tweets of this nature; no response or a competitor of the vendor in which I am complaining about reaches out to offer help.



The Best Conversation I Had All Day October 5, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Lead Generation, Marketing, Strategy.

Was with someone on my sales team.

Now I have heard about the age-old battle between sales and marketing. That he-said she-said BS (to put it bluntly). They aren’t calling the leads we gave them, they’re giving us crappy leads…blah blah blah. Truth is we need each other more than we realize.

As a marketer, I am not typically on the phone making calls into the leads I am generating or the leads that come in through our website. I have no idea what that conversation looks and sounds like.

Unless I ask.


Participation, Lead Generation and Communities September 21, 2011

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LinkedIn was my first professional social network and MySpace was my first personal social network. While I am actively on Twitter now and only use Facebook to get in touch with people on occasion (like messaging my cousin this morning to call me), I have found that LinkedIn is not only a great tool to connect with my network but I also have the opportunity to collaborate in an open setting (group discussions) with other thought-minded individuals who may or may not be connected to me – yet.

Both Quora & Yahoo!Answers similar online vehicles to either ask questions or respond to questions, but I find both sites lacking in regards to linking that conversation to the ability to continue the relationship after the question has been asked and answered.


A Referral is Surely Worth a Thousand Somethings August 24, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Consumer Marketing, Lead Generation.


If a picture is worth a thousand words then a referral must surely be worth a thousand somethings. Perhaps a thousand customers? A thousand orders? A thousand public appearances? A thousand mentions by analysts? A thousand job offers?

Perhaps ‘thousand’ is a stretch in some cases but there is no doubt that referrals are important.

We all ask for and get referrals when it comes to things we need. I ask for book recommendations, doctors in new areas when I move, restaurants offering a particular fare or even something to do on a weekend. But are we proactively asking people to refer their network to us? What part of our conversations is spent ‘leading the horse to water’ (asking for referrals) vs. being led to water (getting referrals)?


Sales Prospects to Job Prospects: A Transition in Lead Generation July 27, 2011

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job search

My true passion is lead generation. I love the thrill of overloading sales with leads and watching the pipeline go up as a result of my efforts. It’s thrilling to say the least and it allows me, as a marketer, to exercise all my passions into a common goal.

Now that I am not doing lead generation in its traditional marketing sense (as in generating leads for a sales force team to call upon) and have now transitioned to lead generation for my own selfish purposes (job search), I am finding that the rules are very much the same. In fact, I feel like I have an unfair advantage to some of the job seekers out there because of my marketing background.


Webinars: How to Execute Them and Drown Your Sales Team in Leads July 13, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Content Marketing, Lead Generation.

Webinars are a great source of leads for many organizations and I feel they should definitely be a part of your content marketing strategy. But marketers and organizations often ask how do I do a webinar? What’s involved? What’s the best way to get the most registrations?

I have run webinars at a few companies whom I have worked for and I have to tell you, sales dreaded it. And not because they were horrible events, but because they knew that the lull in leads in their inbox was equivalent to the ‘calm before the storm’. Yes, I drowned them in leads every time and I loved hearing the complaints revert from ‘there aren’t any leads’ to ‘whoa, slow down, too many leads.’ LOL! Even Ann Handley who was a guest speaker together with C.C. Chapman gave me a ‘wow’ for collecting almost 1400 registrations for the webinar. I am certainly no HubSpot, but I will tell you how I did it so you can do the same.


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