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The Seemingly Obvious Yet Untapped Opportunity August 29, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Consumer Marketing, Mobile Marketing.

I came across some tweets in my stream yesterday from one of my favorite brands: EXPRESS. They were sharing the link to a new online catalog which I eagerly clicked but since I was on iPhone, I got this:

Now in an age where we know that consumers will use their mobile device to shop, research and find recommendations, I was surprised by the message. First of all, the message is extremely unhelpful and secondly, the brand is missing a huge opportunity to help their mobile consumers and build brand engagement.



We May Just Be Too Cool for Our Own Consumers August 1, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Mobile Marketing.

This past week, Jay Baer wrote a post about QR codes by conducting an analysis of a Crowne Plaza ad that features one. It was an interesting case study that not only talked about the overall design and purpose of including the QR code but questioned whether or not one was really needed. In fact, he makes an excellent point asking the hotel chain why they didn’t just use a SMS campaign; More Americans have the capability to text vs. those that can scan a QR code.

I am a marketer through and through so I like QR codes and yes, I think they are cool, and yes, I have created them and posted them on marketing materials and included them in email campaigns but it was only recently that I discovered how few consumers actually know what they are and what to do with them. Are we too ‘cool’ for our own good when it comes to using technology? Have we lost sight of our consumer and forgotten to consider what they may actually do with a QR code or how they will react to it?


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