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Social Media Desperado October 27, 2011

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Recently I sent out a tweet saying that I needed to catch-up on my follow backs. As you know, and can easily see from looking at my profile, I don’t follow everyone back. The reason? I don’t believe in following you just because you followed me. So, last week as I sent this tweet stating my intents and then proceeded to check out the list of people following me and followed a few back, I received this tweet not too long afterwards(name has been removed to protect the innocent) :

“Hey Christina…OK, so I guess maybe I qualify then for a follow back? :-)”

Seriously? Ok, maybe they were trying to lighten up the tweet with that smiley face but I decided to take a look at their profile more closely and see what they were tweeting about. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Here is a sample (again, all names have been removed and I promise this is spot-on true!):



‘Being Contagious’ As a Good Thing October 24, 2011

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It was clear from the title of the book that Dan Zarrella is not a fan of the term ‘viral marketing’ but the further I got into “Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness”, I was less convinced. I don’t think it’s the term itself but what is implied by it.

For example, it’s a joke amongst marketers (right?) to be in a room with senior executives and hear one of them say ‘why don’t we make something go viral?’ What does that mean anyways?

As a whole, we know it means that the content is spreadable; people want to pass it along because they either


Red Pens, Invisible Budgets and Knowing Who You Want to Become October 17, 2011

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While I was growing up I often said to myself or anyone else listening ‘I am going to be the coolest mom ever and let me kids do and say whatever they want’. This usually came after I was either a) grounded, b) not allowed to do something or go somewhere or c) totally mortified by something my parents did, said, wore or drove. Every felt like that as a kid? So why am I telling you this? Well, I started thinking lately about the types of people I have worked for and the types of companies I have worked in and found myself thinking ‘I am going to be the coolest boss at the coolest company ever’ and couldn’t help but recall my childhood fantasies of being a ‘cool mom.’

I’ve had tons of bosses (perhaps in another post Ill delight you with all the various jobs I have held in my lifetime) but there are a couple that really stuck out as the ones that I will ultimately learn from in the way that I ‘don’t want to try that with my team’.


The Best Conversation I Had All Day October 5, 2011

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Was with someone on my sales team.

Now I have heard about the age-old battle between sales and marketing. That he-said she-said BS (to put it bluntly). They aren’t calling the leads we gave them, they’re giving us crappy leads…blah blah blah. Truth is we need each other more than we realize.

As a marketer, I am not typically on the phone making calls into the leads I am generating or the leads that come in through our website. I have no idea what that conversation looks and sounds like.

Unless I ask.


Building a Beautiful Backend October 3, 2011

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We talk a lot about starting a blog, choosing a topic, setting a schedule, attracting readers, building community and staying motivated to keep doing it but I hardly ever see anyone talk about actually building the blog. As in picking out a theme, a color scheme, fonts, a banner image, and even pics of yourself as the author (if you choose). This is what I call the backend (ya that kind, not the other kind).

This is the stuff that’s the hardest for me to do.


Would You Like Fries With That? September 28, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Consumer Marketing, Strategy.

Too bad cause you can’t have ’em! That’s right, I read today that Thomas Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, is beginning his latest venture and this time it’s selling gourmet hamburgers via house delivery (and no, there are no fries on the menu).  

In his plan, he envisions:

  • No seating in the restaurant
  • Delivery is free of charge but has a two hamburger minimum
  • There is pick-up but no drive-thru
  • Delivery is only available 1.5 miles from the store enabling them to live up to their promise to be there in ’15 minutes or less’ (more…)

Influencing the Influencer September 26, 2011

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I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was asking me about my experience selling into the IT department. Now I have never ‘sold’ into any department (if we take that whole 2 week stint of door to door selling out of the picture), but I did generate leads from that group and also supported a sales team who was actively talking to them and essentially selling to them. The thing about my friend though is that his solution does not help the IT organization but because it’s a technology, they are involved. So we got into a conversation about the user, the influencer and the decision maker. How you market and ‘sell’ to each of these without one interfering with the next.

In this case, my friend’s audience is optometry offices and the ‘users’ are primarily the opticians themselves or the office support staff – not IT. However, because it’s a technology, will live on the offices systems and has the potential to house patient data, IT is involved. They are the influencer.


Minding Your PSA September 7, 2011

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Point Story Application

A common question I see asked over and over in the LinkedIn groups I participate is ‘I am going to start a blog and I am not really sure how to start. Help.’ I totally applaud these professionals who see that there is value in building blog content while at the same time questioning their intentions. What I mean is that many of us say we want to start a blog because we see other people doing it or hear about other people doing it. Just the other day I was speaking to my neighbor and she asked ‘what exactly do you do anyways’ to which I replied ‘I am a marketer who focuses on inbound marketing to drive traffic by creating content which includes writing for the corporate blog.’ Her response? ‘You blog? That’s so cool.’

In one discussion, I came across this response from Tess Robinson who shared:


From Application to Offer, a Conversion Analysis of Job Hunting August 31, 2011

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As many of you are already aware, my position at Zmags was eliminated this summer which left me jobless like many of you. I contemplated starting my own gig. Could I make it as a blogger? Could I do this for real? Could I charge companies an hourly rate to teach them how I do what I do so well? Am I even a good marketer? If Zmags couldn’t find a need for me, could anyone?

But as I reflected upon these questions, I had to proactively seek employment or else the unemployment checks would cease and desist. And so I hit the pavement, applying for jobs, calling on recruiters, going on interviews, sending thank you cards and last week I received 3 job offers. Yes, that’s right. 3! In this economy that sucks so badly, I had 3 companies that wanted me to come work for them.


Deserts in Maine, Strategy and Execution August 22, 2011

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Desert of Maine

This weekend I visited the Desert of Maine. If you have never heard of it, trust me, I know what you are thinking because up until about a week ago, I had no idea a desert was just miles from my house until I saw a postcard on a friend’s fridge from the Desert of Maine and I just had to see this for myself.

How Fertile Farmland Evolved Into A 300 Acre Desert

The story about the Desert of Maine is pretty interesting. In 1797, the Tuttles moved to the farm. Apparently, Mr. Tuttle heard of the land and after visiting, he purchased it. Mrs. Tuttle was not too pleased exclaiming that she was not leaving her home to go live on the newly purchased farm. So what did Mr. Tuttle do? He moved the entire house to Maine complete with Mrs. Tuttle.


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