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Getting Eliminated With Tact and Diplomacy July 20, 2011

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This has absolutely nothing to do with content marketing, lead generation or social media but hey, it’s my blog and this recently happened to me and I know for a fact I am not alone. My elimination, the extinction of my position, the none-need for my talent has been weighing on me making me question everything about what I did in my position, how I treated others and why o why was I chosen to be *shock* eliminated.

My dad always talked about ‘tact and diplomacy’. He said everyone should have this written on their blackboard or somewhere that they can see it every day. The whole idea behind this powerful phrase is to ‘always say the right thing no matter what.’ Well, in some cases its best not to say anything at all (like when your being told that your position no longer exists). Why do they call it ‘being eliminated’ anyways? How can you not have a negative reaction to something so *ahem* negative?

So let’s get to it. When you are in the hot seat, how do you get eliminated with tact and diplomacy?



What Good Is Your Product If Your Users Can’t Figure Out How to Use It? July 11, 2011

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So I am finally getting around to talking about cocktails 🙂 but couldn’t help myself with this one. Hope you enjoy!

I came across this new whipped cream flavored vodka in my friend’s liquor cabinet the other day as we were mixing up some drinks for the poolside and was intrigued. I mean it was whipped cream flavored vodka! YUMO! So I asked ‘what can we mix this with?’ and she didn’t know. She said she bought it for the very same reason I wanted to try it so bad but we both couldn’t come up with anything to mix it with.


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