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Influencing the Influencer September 26, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Content Marketing, Strategy.
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I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was asking me about my experience selling into the IT department. Now I have never ‘sold’ into any department (if we take that whole 2 week stint of door to door selling out of the picture), but I did generate leads from that group and also supported a sales team who was actively talking to them and essentially selling to them. The thing about my friend though is that his solution does not help the IT organization but because it’s a technology, they are involved. So we got into a conversation about the user, the influencer and the decision maker. How you market and ‘sell’ to each of these without one interfering with the next.

In this case, my friend’s audience is optometry offices and the ‘users’ are primarily the opticians themselves or the office support staff – not IT. However, because it’s a technology, will live on the offices systems and has the potential to house patient data, IT is involved. They are the influencer.



Participation, Lead Generation and Communities September 21, 2011

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LinkedIn was my first professional social network and MySpace was my first personal social network. While I am actively on Twitter now and only use Facebook to get in touch with people on occasion (like messaging my cousin this morning to call me), I have found that LinkedIn is not only a great tool to connect with my network but I also have the opportunity to collaborate in an open setting (group discussions) with other thought-minded individuals who may or may not be connected to me – yet.

Both Quora & Yahoo!Answers similar online vehicles to either ask questions or respond to questions, but I find both sites lacking in regards to linking that conversation to the ability to continue the relationship after the question has been asked and answered.


Don’t Niche Your Audiences Options September 19, 2011

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I get extremely frustrated every time I find or land on a blog that I want to subscribe to and don’t see an option to sign-up via email. Personally, I have tried RSS and unless I set a daily reminder to check it, I don’t so email works for me. I can read blogs via email on my iPhone, I can flag the ones I want to read or respond to and come back later and I can sort everything by blog. I know I can do all this on RSS although I am not sure about the flagging one, but I don’t like it.

After asking a few bloggers why I cannot subscribe via email, their response was that the option was there and I probably didn’t see it. Guess what?


Fair Weather Political Supporters and Brand Fans September 14, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Branding, Consumer Marketing.

deserted sidewalk

We have been having a bit of weather in Massachusetts over the past couple of weeks and in the meantime, local elections are coming up in my town. Why am I mentioning this? Well, I noticed something about the so-called political ‘fans’ and supporters; they don’t come out when it rains. Fair weather, sun, clouds, whatever, they are there adorning every street corner waving with one handle and holding their candidates sign in the other. But when it rains? Those curbs are a desolate land of nothingness.

I honestly hadn’t considered it before but it got me thinking about our so-called fans online. Is there such a thing as a true online fan/friend? Or are we here for a purpose when it’s convenient for us to do so and when it rains, well, we will just stay home?


WHERE is Where I am September 12, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Marketing.

As many of you know, I spent my summer of 2011 diligently looking for a new job and just recently I found one. I had the greatest fortune of choosing from 3 different offers and after working in my new position for two weeks now, I feel I made a really great decision.

So without further ado for those of you who don’t already know… Here it is! The official announcement! Drumroll…tatatatatatata…I am the new Merchant Services Marketing Manager for WHERE.


Minding Your PSA September 7, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Blogging, Content Marketing, Strategy.

Point Story Application

A common question I see asked over and over in the LinkedIn groups I participate is ‘I am going to start a blog and I am not really sure how to start. Help.’ I totally applaud these professionals who see that there is value in building blog content while at the same time questioning their intentions. What I mean is that many of us say we want to start a blog because we see other people doing it or hear about other people doing it. Just the other day I was speaking to my neighbor and she asked ‘what exactly do you do anyways’ to which I replied ‘I am a marketer who focuses on inbound marketing to drive traffic by creating content which includes writing for the corporate blog.’ Her response? ‘You blog? That’s so cool.’

In one discussion, I came across this response from Tess Robinson who shared:


Contrarians Are Welcome Here September 5, 2011

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M. Chatterly Sculpture - AgainstTheCrowd

The topic of the #SM Tweetchat, this week hosted by Peg Fitzpatrick, discussed dealing with the art of negativity in social media. More specifically about the role that trolls and contrarians play in relation to.

Now I am no fan of trolls and have little time to pay attention to them, fuel their fire or give them any type of satisfaction so I am going to focus on my admiration for contrarians today. Yes, you heard me, admiration!


From Application to Offer, a Conversion Analysis of Job Hunting August 31, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Strategy.

As many of you are already aware, my position at Zmags was eliminated this summer which left me jobless like many of you. I contemplated starting my own gig. Could I make it as a blogger? Could I do this for real? Could I charge companies an hourly rate to teach them how I do what I do so well? Am I even a good marketer? If Zmags couldn’t find a need for me, could anyone?

But as I reflected upon these questions, I had to proactively seek employment or else the unemployment checks would cease and desist. And so I hit the pavement, applying for jobs, calling on recruiters, going on interviews, sending thank you cards and last week I received 3 job offers. Yes, that’s right. 3! In this economy that sucks so badly, I had 3 companies that wanted me to come work for them.


The Seemingly Obvious Yet Untapped Opportunity August 29, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Consumer Marketing, Mobile Marketing.

I came across some tweets in my stream yesterday from one of my favorite brands: EXPRESS. They were sharing the link to a new online catalog which I eagerly clicked but since I was on iPhone, I got this:

Now in an age where we know that consumers will use their mobile device to shop, research and find recommendations, I was surprised by the message. First of all, the message is extremely unhelpful and secondly, the brand is missing a huge opportunity to help their mobile consumers and build brand engagement.


A Referral is Surely Worth a Thousand Somethings August 24, 2011

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then a referral must surely be worth a thousand somethings. Perhaps a thousand customers? A thousand orders? A thousand public appearances? A thousand mentions by analysts? A thousand job offers?

Perhaps ‘thousand’ is a stretch in some cases but there is no doubt that referrals are important.

We all ask for and get referrals when it comes to things we need. I ask for book recommendations, doctors in new areas when I move, restaurants offering a particular fare or even something to do on a weekend. But are we proactively asking people to refer their network to us? What part of our conversations is spent ‘leading the horse to water’ (asking for referrals) vs. being led to water (getting referrals)?


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