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What Is Your Blogger Voice Saying About You? October 31, 2011

Posted by christinapappas in Blogging.
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We have all heard the term ‘blogger voice.’ In fact, some of us are still trying to find ours, some have embraced theirs and some are simply replicating others who have paved a path to success. But I wonder if our voice is truly carrying who we are or are we portraying a more reserved, polished version of ourselves for the outside world for the sake of appearing ‘professional’?

I am in the ‘still trying to find it’ bucket amongst many others. People have told me that I have found my voice and this blog speaks to that but I cannot help questioning myself sometimes (you do that too, right?). Then this week I saw Chris Brogan send a tweet asking if anyone would take business advice from someone that used the acronym ‘lol’. I was slightly taken aback because I use lol – a lot. LOL. And never thought anything of it.


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